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Why a Team Based Approach

WhyATeamBasedApproach Body PicUnfortunately, the majority of those in the financial services business are still stuck in yester-year’s model where typically good natured, well intentioned professionals simply focus on selling a particular product or service. Perhaps they sell mutual funds or investments to either individuals or businesses; perhaps the company they work for wants them to focus on selling whole life insurance or maybe gathering fee based assets under management.

The problem is that businesses and people working with these professionals typically just end up with a “financial junk drawer.”  This is basically a collection of random financial tools that are not effectively coordinated or integrated across their financial, tax, and legal situation.

Not only do there tend to be significant unaddressed gaps in their asset accumulation, distribution, and protection needs, this random collection of “stuff” is typically not aligned with their core beliefs and values about clients’ money.

We parted ways with the financial herd long ago.

Our team based approach allows clients to benefit from the vast experience of our team members. With an financial professional team with over 230+ years of combined experience and professional staff with 60+ years of administration and client service experience, leading area wide tax and legal professionals say our custom client solutions are unrivaled compared to what they have seen.

A natural byproduct of our experience is our long standing relationships with leading tax and legal professionals. With these strong relationships, we are better able to provide people a more comprehensive solution where legal, financial, and tax concerns are both coordinated and integrated with each other in order to be fully aligned with one’s beliefs and values.