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Our Founder, Don Schreck   


One Man. One Dream. 

His dream was a simple one: providing a comfortable life for his family. With an accounting degree from Wichita State University, Don Schreck set out to determine how he was going to accomplish his goal. He tried several endeavors, from a stint as a Kirby Vacuum cleaner salesman to opening his own liquor store. Ultimately the opportunity to help people in the insurance business came his way, and well, the rest was history.   

A small desk in the basement of his home is how it all started in 1954. His wife, Nadine, worked to help him as his secretary when she wasn’t chasing around their three small sons. Don’s mediocre rating on his sales exam proved inaccurate as he rather quickly became the number one sales agent nationally for his company for fourteen years. Through his hard work and integrity, he was able to achieve something no one else had ever accomplished at his company. Because of his trustworthiness, he was able to establish and build lasting relationships with his clients, many of whom are still with the company to this day. 

He dreamed that one of his sons might go into the business. He was elated that all three sons, Bruce, Brian, and Brad, joined him and helped him build what is now Schreck Financial Group. Dan Buck was the first brave agent to join the company that was not in the family. The first member of the third generation of financial professionals joined the company in 2003 when Don’s grandson, Shawn O’Mara, joined the business. In 2004, grandson Joshua Bolan came on board. 

The business has celebrated its over sixty years of existence helping others achieve their dreams through wealth management and preservation of assets.  

The same philosophy established through Don’s quiet wisdom is as apparent today as it was sixty years ago: keep the client’s best interest in mind, and all could prosper.